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Rifkin, Blanck & Rubenstein, P.C. is a general practice law firm concentrating in the areas of labor and employment law, mediation, business and real estate transactions, estate planning and family law.The law firm is committed to providing its clients with personal attention and high quality representation in both state and federal courts.

Experienced federal and state court litigators representing clients in a full range of employment, business, mediation, real estate, civil rights and personal matters.

At Rifkin, Blanck & Rubenstein, P.C. we seek ways to provide high quality work at a cost our clients can afford. We do this in several ways. In many civil rights and employment cases, a court can order a defendant to pay the plaintiff’s attorney’s fees in addition to awarding other damages. When appropriate, we are able to agree to a contingency fee arrangement where the client is not obligated to pay attorney’s fees unless a recovery is obtained. In some matters we are able to agree to a flat fee for the work performed. In other matters, we will charge an agreed upon hourly rate and work with our clients to minimize fees.

High quality work doesn’t just mean working hard, it also means working smart. It means giving you an opportunity to settle your case before a lawsuit is commenced, negotiating compromises where appropriate, and pursuing your case vigorously in court when legal action is the appropriate option.

Wrongful termination, retaliation, discrimination, and sexual harassment cases can be emotionally stressful. Claims for overtime pay, family and medical leave and claims for unpaid wages can also be complex. If you need assistance in these areas of the law, or if you need help in negotiating a non-competition agreement or employment contract, you need a civil rights or employment lawyer who is knowledgeable and focused–a lawyer who can stay abreast of changes in the law to better serve you.