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Wrongful Termination & Retaliation

Wrongful Termination Lawyers Serving Westfield & Carmel, IN

Defending Your Liberties

The law protects workers from discrimination and wrongful termination. It is illegal for prejudice to affect the decisions to hire, promote or fire an employee. A person’s national origin, race, religion, gender, age, or disability should not determine their suitability for a position.

Freedom of Religion

If an employee is required to violate beliefs, such as consuming prohibited foods or working on their Sabbath, there might be cause for a religious discrimination suit. If the claims are found to be substantiated, an employer may be required to allow their workers to perform their job without violating their spiritual beliefs.

At-Will Employment

Indiana is an at-will employment state. This means that an employer may terminate the service of their workers for any reason as long as it does not violate federal or state law. It also allows an employee to resign without notice. The only exception to this rule is if a written contract is formed that guarantees a specific term of engagement. Despite this regulation, discrimination or any workplace act that violates the law can have legal action taken against it.

Proving Discrimination

Responsibility is placed upon the employee to prove that a work-related incident originated from discriminative views. They must demonstrate that they are qualified for their job and were unfairly treated or fired due to unlawful prejudice.

The company must then provide a source for their actions that was not intolerance. This could be anything from inadequate work performance to fraudulent actions of the employee. The worker must substantiate that the reason given is either untrue or not sufficient enough for the business to have taken such drastic measures.

We Are Here to Help

Don’t tolerate workplace discrimination. It is your right as a US citizen to support yourself and your family through employment. If you have been wrongfully terminated or suffered prejudiced treatment, contact Rifkin, Blanck & Rubenstein, P.C. to get the legal support you need.