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Suspension of Professional License

Dispute the Suspension of Your License in Indianapolis, Indiana

Getting Back to Work

A suspended license is more than an inconvenience. It prevents you from supporting yourself and your loved ones. Don’t let one unfavorable board ruling destroy your means of providing for your family. At Rifkin, Blanck & Rubenstein, P.C., our firm is dedicated to representing those who need regulatory certifications in order to perform their job. Whether you’re a nurse or an engineer, we will strive to get you back to work as soon as possible.

Our Extensive Dispute Experience

No matter what instigated the suspension of your license, we will work tirelessly to ensure you receive a fair, favorable ruling. Our legal services are comprehensive and we are able to handle myriad aspects of revocation disputes.

Alleged Incidents

Not all accusations of errors have a reasonable source. Often, they lack the proper context or are missing key details. Especially in the medical field, the absence of comprehension for proper procedure can sometimes skew a patient’s perspective. Our attorneys introduce evidence and cite standard industry measures that corroborate your actions and help give context to the incident.

Patient Complaints

We understand how hard you work to provide high-quality care. Sadly, patients sometimes feel that their persisting condition must be the fault of their caregiver. Our legal team challenges these unfair claims against you. We will stand before a review board, such as the Indiana State Board of Nursing and defend the care you provided.

Qualification Issues

Contest any doubt concerning the validity of your education or training. Our team will back your credentials by collecting relevant documentation. We use these records as proof of your qualification and competence. Defend your livelihood with comprehensive suspension dispute representation.