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Non-Competition Agreements

Noncompetition Agreement Help in Indianapolis, Indiana

Understand What You’re Agreeing to

Every business owner wants to succeed. It is understandable that they often draft noncompetition agreements to protect their trade secrets and keep their clientele. As an employee, you may be required to sign such a contract; however, the terms of the deal aren’t always prudent for you. Get legal help to ensure that any form you sign is practical and fair.

An Owner’s Rights

A noncompetition agreement must be drafted with a reasonable list of requirements regarding location, scope and length of time. An example of an unreasonable restriction would be a spa owner requesting that their employees never practice massage therapy anywhere else in the state.

A more rational regulation would require the former worker not to open a health resort across the street. This is a sensible request because that action would reduce the owner’s clientele and negatively affect their business.

Fair and Balanced Restrictions

Noncompetition agreements must specify a duration limit in the contract. A plumber might reasonably require that their staff member not divulge certain techniques for a year. However, if a former employee had access to personal client information or patented designs, it is rational that the time on the contract would be more restrictive. The constraints should match the scope of the potential damages.

Take Preventative Action

New jobs require a lot of paperwork. Unfortunately, in the myriad forms you have to sign, a noncompetition agreement could easily slip by without full comprehension of the limitations set by the terms. Years later, when you decide to change jobs, you might find yourself bound by restrictions that alter your career or living situation. Protect your rights by engaging an experienced attorney who will ensure any contract you sign grants you professional freedom.