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Sex, Race, Religion & Disability Discrimination

Disability Discrimination Lawyers Serving Carmel, IN

Civil Rights Violations

Civil rights belong to everyone. They are what allows our country enjoy the benefits of political and social freedom. Discrimination of any kind, including gender, race, religion and disability is absolutely prohibited. Over the years, several laws have been passed to provide an increasingly growing majority the right to equality. These rights are protected by the United States Constitution and its amendments.

42 USC § 1981

42 USC § 1981 provides protection against deliberate racial and ethnic discrimination. This statute forbids prejudice from affecting the development and enactment of legal contracts. Merchants are not permitted to reject a contractual relationship with a customer. This amendment also protects employees from bigotry that restricts their pay or potential for promotion. In addition, it ensures that an employer cannot retaliate when their worker files an EEOC charge.

42 USC § 1983

42 USC § 1983 was passed to prevent the governmental subdivisions of a state from infringing upon the rights of its citizens. Although certain administrative officials and agencies have immunity, this act aims to hold those in authority accountable for prejudice. If it can be proved that an official policy of a state administration is inherently discriminative, then the injured party may seek for monetary compensation. Police misconduct is an example of a citizen’s rights being violated.

42 USC § 1985

42 USC § 1985 addresses conspiracies intended to deprive certain parties of their lawful claims to equality. It applies to situations where an action denies a class of persons from basic civil liberties. These rights include traveling across states or engaging in free speech or assembly.

We Are Ready to Defend You

If you believe you are the victim of discrimination, don’t hesitate to contact a professional civil rights lawyer. Intolerance should be swiftly dealt with to ensure that you receive fair remuneration and that occurrences of prejudice decrease. Rifkin, Blanck & Rubenstein, P.C. will appeal for your right to equality.